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Home Loan

Providing Loan for construction, maintenance & furnishing of house. KAFAL has launched a scheme to meet the requirement of home seekers for direct housing finance, for individual’s house construction /acquisition, land development, Purchase of land and also for maintenance & renovation of house/building.

 Criteria for this loan:

  • Amount of loan:Minimum Rs. 100000. Maximum Rs. 1 Crore.
  • Security:The immovable property (Land and Building) within core city of the Kathmandu Valley, with Motor able link road, for share loan shares certificates of listed companies prescribed by this company.
  • Service Charges:1% for 1 Year service charge. 2% for 5 years service charge.
  • Income Source:Income source documents required, regular/high income source person are prioritized.
  • Purpose of Loan:Must be Crystal clear for specific purpose.
  • Block & Mortgaged Charges:The applicant should bear the charged amount.
  • Engineering Valuation charges:The applicant is responsible to pay (if loan amount is more than 10 lakhs)
  • Duration for approval of loan:Minimum 1 week from the date of complete documents submission
  • Loan & Advanced Interest Rate per annum (Effective from 1st Baishak 2071)
  • Housing Loan:15%